• BLOCKSIMS ICO is in its private Sale. The 1st Decentralised Telecom company in the World
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BLOCKSIMS is a decentralized payment gateway that aims to resolve problems associated with traditional telecommunication by deploying it on Blockchain. BLOCKSIMS will completely eliminate the fee charged by voice and data services for their usage and reward BLOCKSIMS users with up to 100 USD monthly. The bills and rewards would be provided from the revenue generated through digital advertisements.

Pre-Sale Starts ICO Starts
Date: 2nd March 2018 6th April 2018
Supply: 1.5 Billion SIM 3.5 Billion SIM
HardCap: $15 Million $35 Million

Pre-Sale is Live Now, Join Us and Get your 30% Bonus SIM Tokens.

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For any questions regarding our smart contract please send us an email at


Visibility Offered

BLOCKSIMS is based on the distributed sharing model—allowing all users to access the ledger. It eliminates the possibility of centralized control, single points of failure and risk of hacking attacks by keeping distributed copies of the ledger across the network, thus providing the users a trust they lacked in centralized telecom networks.

Speed and Efficiency

Being a decentralized technology, BLOCKSIMS blockchain completely eliminate the role of expensive infrastructure as well as the need for central authorities or intermediaries. It increases the speed of digital exchange of data between people, departments and provides quicker, efficient and seamless transmission of information.

Security and Encryption

All transactions happening within the BLOCKSIMS ecosystem are encrypted through the combination of public and private keys. It combines cryptography and digital signatures to prove identity and its sequential block formation pattern of the Blockchain eliminates the possibility of tampering historical records.



BLOCKSIMS will solve the problem of operators to integrate high-cost systems and provide access/authentication settings for enabling roaming calls across networks and operators. It will enable complex datasets across multiple parties, in real time with high trust and security, particularly for establishing subscriber identity.

Smart Connection

With the help of Blockchain, BLOCKSIMS will provide device connected to multiple local hotspots and WIFIs based on permission and adherence to certain terms and conditions. It will also help with automatic generation of billing amount and payments.

Identity Management

BLOCKSIMS would develop an identity management tool that would be accessible to organizations, devices, and applications.

Content Distribution and Sharing

BLOCKSIMS will allow content providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion or Netflix to purchase data bundles through BLOCKSIMS and the distribute that content to their registered users—facilitating them to avoid high cost data charges. This way, users can also help friends or families by sharing their internet bundles with each other.


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BLOCKSIMS aims to resolve all of the problems associated with the traditional telecommunication networking by offering its users dedicated BLOCK SIM Cards. These SIM card would be deployed on the existing networks and will provide the users with unlimited data and voice connectivity from the revenue generated through digital advertisements. We strive to enable seamless distribution of information by developing new revenue channels and eliminating the role of intermediary from the process— when people are being connected— through tele communicational networking.

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Research about the idea started


SIMBLOCK Conceptualized


Development of the payment gateway initialized


Negotiation with the leading networks of South Eastern Region


White Paper development and designing Started


Website Development and White paper release

Feb 15-2018

Pre-ICO Launch


ICO Launch


End of ICO


Listing SIM Tokens in leading crypto exchanges


Launching the BLOCK SIM


Launching mobile application for Android and iOS


Launching mobile phone Ad-Platform for Android and iOS


BLOCK SIM tokens being accepted as a mode of payment at associated merchants globally


Gaining 10% user base of the existing telecom networks worldwide.


Have at least 20% of the world’s telecommunication users holding BLOCK SIM card



We would be providing our users with dedicated BLOCKSIM cards— using which— they can still, while remaining on existing cellular networks, enjoy free voice and data connectivity all across the world.


A decentralized ethereum based erc20 token, that would allow peer to peer transactions, store value and acts as a medium of exchange by eliminating the role of intermediary.


A dedicated wallet allowing you to receive, send or store your SIM tokens securely.



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Being a trillion-dollar industry, there is almost zero competition when it comes to decentralized telecommunication. This gives BLOCKSIMS a unique advantage of deploying traditional telecommunication on Blockchain—giving its users incentives that traditional model of telecommunication can’t even think of. Be part of this revolutionary idea and contribute to the project today by participating in our ICO starting 2nd March.

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What is an ICO?

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising crypto-capital through a crowdfunding campaign by distributing token to the contributors. A digital asset or token is issued for a specific purpose with platform utility in mind. After the ICO process is done, the tokens may be used in a platform or traded on crypto-exchanges, with market supply and demand deciding on its fair value.

When does the pre-ICO round start?

The pre-ICO launches on March 2nd at 8am EST.

Why are you starting with a Private-ICO?

The purpose of our Private-ICO round is to ascertain community interest regarding our platform and obtain pre-seed funds for our aggressive marketing strategy plan. This will allow us to avoid traditional venture capital funding, and still obtain some leverage before launching our full-blown ICO.

How will I receive the SIM-Token after I send my contribution?

It will be generated via a unique address for you in your favorite crypto flavor, you will be using this address to deposit your investment. Any transaction using the given address will count as your contribution to the project.

Where are you based and what is your legal structure?

BLOCKSIMS is based out of 4 Countries namely: Malaysia, Australia, and UK with our some of our technical engineering, R&D and telecom operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. We have advisors and collaborators from all over the world, including China, Switzerland, and UK.

What exchanges are going to list SIM token?

At present, we are unable to post a guaranteed list of all exchanges we will work with, as multiple contacts are in progress right now. BLOCKSIMS will appear on several exchanges within two weeks after the end of crowd sale. The exact amount of exchanges we are going to be listed on is yet to be defined.

Why did you decide not to integrate with the Waves platform to conduct the ICO?

Our solution runs on the ETH Blockchain in order to guarantee the level of service and stability required for this kind of operation. Furthermore most investors already have an Ethereum account and trust this platform.

What is going to happen in case you are not able to collect the estimated funds?

We will continue developing the BLOCKSIMS platform with any collected ICO proceeds, following our tentative roadmap of operational development. We already have a sufficient number of preliminary agreements with supporters involved, which allows us to count on the worthy results of this crowd Sale.

I am a US citizen. Can I participate in the ICO?

Unfortunately, US citizens and residents are not allowed to participate in the ICO due to US Security Law restrictions. We wholeheartedly respect all country laws in all locations we operate, and urge you to obtain more information regarding specific financial laws in your jurisdiction. You can participate in the ICO if you are neither a U.S. citizen nor permanent resident of the United States, nor have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territories of the United States.

What happens if I do not specify a wallet address?

After the End of ICO with the time frame of around 5 days, SIM tokens will be distributed to Each of our Investors on the Whitelisted Eth Addresses they've given.

Please guide me to get my tokens to MyEtherWallet

To receive your tokens on your you need to: 1- Open your wallet 2 -Find in the bottom right section where you can add a custom token. The tokens will be redeemable 3 days after the ICO ends. A guide explaining on how to setup a myetherwallet in order to receive the tokens will be sent to all investors after the end of the ICO.

Is there a minimum investment stake?

Yes, our current minimum investment stake is set at $500 USD.

I want to participate in your ICO. Can I contribute with fiat currency (eg: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, RMB)?

Unfortunately, we can only accept contributions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,Coin.


BLOCKSIMS ICO is the first decentralized Mobile Service Telecom Company which aims to provide mobile voice and data service to a large segment of the 5 Billion smartphone users worldwide today. BLOCKSIMS ICO is not just providing and replacing your current mobile voice and data service, but allowing you to earn revenue.

How will it work?

BLOCKSIMS card can be inserted into any unlocked smartphone which in turn replaces your existing service provider. Once you become a token holder, BLOCKSIM mobile voice and data service will be unlimited and FREE, with no overage or roaming charges. All service costs are covered by BLOCKSIMS-Network via Ad Revenues.

What kind of token is BLOCKSIMS Token ICO?

BLOCKSIMS (SIM) is a utility token and its utility status is derived from its wide usage by the community of users/suppliers/telecom carriers/publishers/ advertisers/investors/backers, experts and teams present on the platform.

What are the ICO timelines?

ICO Whitelist registration will be open from 27th of Jan,2018. SIM Token Pre-ICO sale will start on 2nd March. The ICO sale will then start in April 2018.

Are there any bonuses available during the ICO?

During the ICO there will be an active bonus structure which will be derived from a combination of two parameters: size of participation (same throughout the entire ICO) and time frame of the participation (this will actively change on day to day bases), so the earlier and stronger your support is - the more generous the bonus looks.

What wallets can I use to receive tokens?

The following multi-crypto wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin:,,, and to name a few.

How to buy BLOCKSIMS Tokens using ETH, BTC,OR LTC?

1 - Buy any of the 5 Crytpos by signing up to a cryto-wallet, cryptocurrency exchange website, localbitcoins or crypto trading platform website, any of these avenues will allow you to deposit and exchange FIAT currency (USD, EUROS, etc..) into Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies. 2 - Once you have converted or exchanged your money into crypto-currency you can now use the SEND function in your wallet to purchase BLOCKSIM Tokens. 3 - Login to, once you’re in the investor panel, simply choose what crypto you will use, copy the crypto-currency public key and paste it in your SEND field of your wallet, and send payment. 4 - Once you've sent the payment you would have to make sure you provide the transaction ID and Receivers token address. 5 - Be attentive when sending crypto-currency: make sure you copy and paste the correct key, ETH to ETH, BTC to BTC, etc. if you copy and paste the incorrect cryptocurrency, for example, ETH to BTC, your payment will not process and it will be lost.

How many SIM tokens will be issued during token sale and how many created in total?

A total of 3.1 Billion coins will be issued during the entire ICO sale. Total amount of SIM Tokens created is 10 Billion. ICO Sale Price: $0.01 USD per SIM Token, $500USD = 50,000 SIM TOKENS.

Will there be a lock-up for the tokens issued during token sale?

Yes, tokens are non-transferable until the ICO is completed.

Will the SIM TOKEN be listed on exchanges and when?

SIM TOKEN will be listed on exchanges after the ICO ends.

Where can I buy SIM Tokens?

You can purchase SIM tokens by following the relevant steps on our website. Please see the previous answer to this question. Please visit relevant section on our website

How can I see my tokens?

In order to see your tokens you need to complete “Add Custom Token” process: for MEW you will need to go to your wallet and choose to add Custom Token function, entering the smart contract address, to which you’ve sent the participation and use the following data: Token Symbol: SIM; Decimals: 18

Which Blockchain do you use?

At the moment we use Ethereum Blockchain in our solution.

What is a Bounty Campaign?

A bounty campaign is a PR event when a project is being promoted by its participants. Usually, a term “bounty campaign” is being used in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) crowdsale campaigns. The membership in such campaigns is being rewarded with blockchain tokens offered for sale during an ICO. Therefore, each user can participate in a bounty campaign and get a reward. BLOCKSIMS offers 10% for all bounty campaigns collected during the ICO. As a reward, participants are to receive SIM tokens. Bounty campaign members, who use spam and “artificial” Likes and Shares, are to be excluded from bounty campaigns. We do not give share-tokens to US persons therefore US persons can’t receive bounties. Example: If 10% of the bounty pool to be allocated to the Facebook campaign Terms: Each member of Facebook Bounty campaign should have at least 300 friends In order to participate, each member should go through registration Then, each member should follow official BLOCKSIMS page, like and follow the BLOCKSIMS page, and repost at least one BLOCKSIMS post per week. The bounty campaign timing is till the end of ICO. In order to receive the bonus, each member is expected to participate till the end of the campaign.

Does BLOCKSIMS ICO have any bounty campaign?

You can join our bounty campaign on bitcointalk or bounty slack chat.

When are we going to receive bounty tokens?

They will be distributed after ICO is complete.

How are the advisors helping?

Advisors are giving us information in different fields: legal, business, technical. They are also helping us with investor and marketing outreach.

What is the Ad Rev profit share BLOCK SIM users will receive from usage?

BLOCKSIM ICO Platform will re-distribute Ad revenues by allocating revenues toward the operating expenses first, then to the suppliers which would be the interconnected telecom carriers, and then to its SIM users.

How are the BLOCKSIMS calculated for distribution to all its SIM users on the BLOCKSIM-Network?

BLOCKSIM network will use our proprietary algorithm together with Blockchain technology, to calculate each and every SIM Card user’s Ad Rev profit share. Factors that are taken into account are: amount of daily data usage, frequency of data usage, amount of viewed ads, amount of clicked ads, and amount of shared ads.

Is there a minimum investment amount of SIM TOKENS I can purchase?

The minimum amount that can be invested is $500 USD Equivalent in any of the 4 Crypto-Currencies accepted.

How does a SIM TOKEN investor receive a BLOCK SIM card?

Once you become a coin owner, you also become a member of the BLOCKSIMS Network community and a BLOCK SIM card will be assigned to you. All BLOCK SIM cards will start shipping out to every coin holder, by the last quarter of 2018. During the ICO Sale, For every $500 invested, investors are entitled to 1 BLOCK SIM Card.

Is there a limit to the amount investment I can make and the amount of SIM Cards I can receive?

No there is no limit at the moment.

What if I want to invest at least $10,000 but I’m not interested in receiving more than 1 SIM Card?

If you qualify to receive multiple BLOCK SIM Cards, but don’t want more than 1, you can opt out of receiving the additional SIM Cards.

BLOCK SIM cards come in what sizes?

They come in standard Regular size, min and micro size all integrated into 1 BLOCK SIM card so you can choose which to use for your smartphone.

How safe is the BLOCKSIMS Network, in comparison to my existing mobile service?

BLOCKSIM’s work on the BLOCKSIM Network, BLOCKSIMS Network is interconnected with existing mobile carriers, and basically become a wireless telecommunications carrier brand. Therefore all BLOCKSIMS users will be connected within existing wireless carrier network infrastructures, which already have the most reliable, secure and consistent coverage. Examples: IN USA, Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunications carrier brand, and its Parent company is Sprint Corporation In Canada, Virgin Mobile is a wireless telecommunications carrier brand, and its Parent Company is Bell Mobility In UK, Talkmobile is a mobile virtual network operator, and its Parent company is Vodafone. In India, MTS India is a mobile operator company, and its Parent company is Reliance Communication, India's main Mobile Operator In Japan, Y!mobile is a cellular service operator and it has a roaming agreement with NTT DoCoMo, Japan's main Mobile Operator.

Who are your telecom partners?

We have direct and indirect interconnection agreements with telecom carriers and exchanges. Some of our partners and carriers are listed on our website rest we'll establish direct connections with all the carrier providers accordingly.

Does the only revenue generation come from Ads, or will there be other sources of revenue such as app, services etc..?

Ad will be the major source of revenues, we will add other functions later that will add more revenues to the BLOCKSIMS Network Community.

Will we get more Ads than we normally get right now? Won’t it be annoying for the user?

The Ads you will receive will not interfere with your everyday life, in fact you see the same amount of Ads you are already getting, on all selected apps, and it won’t be anymore annoying than what you are already used too.

How will Proof of Work (PoW) function on my smartphone so that I can receive (mine) BLOCKSIM, Cryto-Currency, daily.

Ad views and Ad injections will be the source of mining because users will be paid based our Algorithm and AI, that calculates your internet usage and several other factors.

What is the bonus ratio for referrals?

Bonus Ratio for Referrals is set at 5%, for very large volumes above $200k we can increase it, please contact us via email


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If you'd like a BLOCK SIMS representative to resolve any of your query or want to hold an event for the project promotion at your nearest destination, please submit a email at We will be in touch shortly after receiving your request.

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